Drmz System Innovations is a registered Pvt. Ltd. Company. We at DRMZ, are a team of creative, enthusiastic & focused people. We are committed to enhance research work across India. Our effort will be to provide young researchers a suitable environment & technical facilities to nurture their creative & research oriented mindset. Presently Company operations are divided under two Divisions, viz DrmzTech and DrmzSoft.
DrmzTech is the Technology Division of Drmz System Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Bhopal, which provides Embedded system solutions and Educational services. We aim to provide unique, customized and user friendly solutions and products in the embedded systems space.

Being the Head of DrmzTech, he is the source of inspiration for the whole team. Commonly known as Techno-manager, he completed his B.Tech from National institute of Technology, Bhopal (MANIT, Bhopal) and completed his Post Graduation Degree in Management (PGDM) from Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM, Indore). He is a well known speaker and mesmerizes the crowd with his soft spoken but effective speech. His main strength lies in explaining complex things in a very simple language with least jargon and by coming to the understanding level of the audience.
He is an expert in Robotics, Circuit designing, Image processing, MATLAB and Embedded system. Besides, he has keen interests in current affairs, macro economics and marketing. He is a budding entrepreneur from IIM, Indore.

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