1) Category:

Internet of Things

2) Product Scope: 

To mark student attendance using RFID cards, upload data in real time to server and auto-update student database. The product should support both SIMCARD based GPRS connectivity and wifi connectivity to Internet connection.

3) Product Details:

RFID based attendance system is a standalone product enabled with IoT to mark attendance of school students. Attendance data is sent in real time to server and parents are informed by SMS from sever confirming that their child has reached or left from the school. The product can connect to internet either through Wifi or GPRS connectivity. It can automatically update its student database by checking the version number of student database. During RFID card swapping, attendance data is uploaded in the background.

4) Technical Keywords:

RFID, Real Time Clock ( RTC ), Micro-controller, GPRS, HTTP, SIM CARD, Wifi.

RFID based attendance system

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