1) Category:

Internet of Things


2) Product Scope: 

To read all electrical parameters like voltage, current, generated power, etc. from a Solar inverter and sending it to a server/website in real time for IoT monitoring system.


3) Product Details:

DC power generated by Solar Panels is converted to AC power using Solar Inverters. Mostsuch inverters provides a communication port to read electrical parameters of power generations. We developed a custom product which can communicate to these Solarinverters via RS485 communication protocol. In real time this data is posted to a remote server using GPRS network. Sim-card can be inserted in the product. If RS485 port allows some controls, our product can also support controlling inverter parameters from server or user website.


4) Technical Keywords:

RS485 Communication, RJ45 port, Micro-controller, GPRS, HTTP, SIM CARD

IoT based Solar power generation monitoring system

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