1) Category:

Wireless Sensor Network ( 6LoWPAN)


2) Product Scope:

To develop a USB pen drive size module which can be connected with a mobile phone to read electricity meter reading wirelessly.


3) ProductDetails:

We were awarded a work order from MPMKVVCL Bhopal (Electricity Distribution company of MP) for this product. In MP all meters are being replaced by advanced Smart meters. These meters can be remotely accessed wirelessly by encrypted 6LoWPAN protocol. So we developed a small module of a size slightly bigger than a USB Pen Drive that can read meter/meter tamper data from all electricity meters within its range (100m line of site). With the help of our module, MPMKVVCL can generate electricity bills of its consumers using a mobile app.


4) TechnicalKeywords:

Wireless Sensor Network, MESH topology, Hopping concept, 865/868 MHz frequency, 6LoWPAN, RPL, UDP, Texas cc1310.

6LoWPAN based wireless electricity meter reading module

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