6LoWPAN based wireless electricity meter reading module

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

6LoWPAN protocol based wirelessCommunication module as low cost alternativefor GPRS based Smart Energy meters


  • Energy saved is energy produced!

  • Energy management can result in huge savings and paybacks.

  • Government of India is promoting smart energy management system across the country.

  • Presently smart electrical energy meters are based on GPRS technology which are costly and have recurring cost.

Advantages of SMART Metering

  • 80-100 % improvement in billing efficiency

  • Gives consumers better access to information and enables them to make more informed decisions on the use of electricity in their homes.

  • Can immediately control AT&C losses, due to power pilferage, bypassing meters, defective meters, or errors in meter reading.

  • Every kilowatt of power drawn from the grid is thus accounted for – and billed, thereby reviving DISCOM revenues

  • Remote Disconnections feature may be present in case power bills are unpaid.

Solution : Our Idea

  • 6LoWPAN protocol based wireless add on module

  • To be installed on existing non smart energy meters.

  • These add on modules can form a wireless network among themselves and can exchange data wirelessly.

  • One of such add on module will have SIM-card based GPRS hardware with GPRS connectivity.

  • One GPRS 6LoWPAN module connects all 6LoWPAN optical modules to internet.

  • One Sim Card can serve 50 energy meters within its range.


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